Best fruits for Diabetics

It’s a myth that diabetics are not allowed to consume fruits due to the sugar content in fruits. But this is a myth – fruits are essential for people with diabetes too. And there are quite a few fruits, which help to regulate blood sugar levels rather than aggravating them.

So diabetics, you need not quit eating fruits. Moderation is the key, and everything in the right quantities will be perfect for you. Let’s take a look at the fruits that are best for diabetics:

All kind of berries are your friends. Berries are loaded with anti-oxidants and are just right because they’re neither too sweet nor sour – they have that balanced tangy taste.

And berries are also low on glucose, so they are apt to munch on when this untimely hunger pangs arise! You can also add these berries to non-fat yogurt and have it frozen; it’s the perfect snack you can opt for.

Peaches are also the best fruits you can have – either juiced or whole – that’s entirely your choice. Peaches too have that near sweet yet not sweet taste that again makes it diabetes-friendly. Also, Peaches are loaded with vitamins A and C which act as antioxidants too, keeping your immunity levels high too.


Jamuns are the perfect fruits to keep your blood sugar levels well in control. While jamun does come under the category of berries, it requires a special mention as it is a super fruit when it comes to diabetics. Jamuns have fantastic properties to regulate sugar levels.

Apples are a favorite all time snack, which you can munch on when you wish too. Slightly cooking these apples and marinating and topping them with a variety of ingredients can become a perfect dessert for diabetics who are always keeping a watch on their blood sugar levels. After all, an apple a day keeps ‘diabetes’ away!

Citrus fruits:
All kind of citrus fruits can form a part of your diet. Add lemon to water minus the sugar. Consume oranges, sweet limes in moderation, and you’re all set. Your blood sugar levels will be under control, while you enjoy your fruit portions.


Diabetics can consume raw guavas in larger quantities. Guavas are superbly rich in vitamin A and are high in fibers. These fibers are essential to regulate the digestive system of diabetics, who often face the issue of constipation.


Eating the right foods can help prevent diabetes from causing peripheral neuropathy or nerve damage. Always consult your doctor before making changes to your diet or taking any medications.

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