How to avoid a migraine before it happens

A lot of people around the world are affected by a migraine. And this number is steadily increasing every day. And extreme migraine has symptoms which cause tremendous pain and uneasiness to the victim. What do you do before this migraine catches up with you? How do you avoid it? Let’s have a quick look:

  1. Analyze the trigger:
    Every migraine has a specific trigger. Your headache will aggravate because of the trigger. To know what this trigger is, you have to keep a close watch on what exactly is causing your migraine. The trigger varies from person to person – too much light, sound, the television screen, or it can even be someone talking too much or too loudly. Identify your trigger; it will be easier to avoid it then.
  2. Avoid bright lights:
    If lights are your trigger, make sure you avoid all kinds of light that will likely disturb your peace of mind. Glare from the sun, the bright light from the movie screen, or laptop screen are things you can try avoiding. It’s tough to keep away from these day to day things, but it’s better to avoid them if they are going to put you through the pain migraine brings in.Reading in dim light
  3. Food triggers:
    A specific category of foods acts as triggers too. What you have to do is avoid these foods entirely and be on the safer side. Foods that contain caffeine generally act as triggers when it comes to a migraine. Wine and chocolate are tough for some people to take in too. You can either avoid the intake or limit it to prevent the onset of a headache.
  4. Weather changes:
    Extreme weather changes work as triggers for quite a lot of people. Keep an eye on the changing weather and take your migraine control supplements well in advance. While completely avoiding outdoors is impossible, do try to minimize going out in headache-inducing conditions.
  5. Watch your diet and sleep patterns:
    Make sure you eat well and sleep on time. Timely meals, after every couple of hours and a good night’s sleep, will work in your favor. Too much sleep is a big no too – so make sure you get just the right number of hours of sleep every day. Opt for healthy, fresh food to keep you feeling fresh.
  6. Practice meditation:
    Stress is one major cause of migraine. While completely getting rid of stressful situations is not possible, you sure have total control on the way you deal with them and react to them. Practicing meditation and yoga will help you maintain your composure and keep your cool.
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